Hi Tech Fans

If it has the word “high tech” in it, it has to be good. This is my mindless assumption as one of the new generation of industrial revolution followers. We like stuff that is modern, state-of-the-art, ingenious, and almost alien. We like to read about it and fantasize owning all sorts of clever gadgets that make life easy while they look cool.

It is odd how much the world looks the same in its outward appearance. So if I want to feel that I exist in a different time and place, I have to look at the world of appliance invention. Cars operate the same way unless you have a hybrid car, and of course I do. Electricity is at least an improvement over traditional fuels. But stoves and refrigerators are nearly identical save for some decorative features and exterior surface treatments.

A garden hose could be 100 years old as could a hand mixer or hair dryer. Yes we can program a sewing machine with software and our Kindles and tablets have revolutionized the nature of reading. But it isn’t dramatic. Planes fly, trains roar along, and life is stagnant. We are even going retro in design.

I want to live in a world of new, exciting things. It’s been a long time since the invention of cell phones and laptops. Social media is old hat. My parents have been in the know about this longing and have forked over some bucks for a dorm room bladeless fan and one of the best tower fans. They made sure I had the literature enclosed in the surprise box so I could read all about the product’s marvels and figure out its advanced mode of operation. Most of the new bladeless models are space-age desk top or floor devices. They can vary in size so they are easy to place in a small area. I mounted mine in the ceiling with brackets for space-savings and great, reliable air circulation.

So what does this wonder do? It’s nothing akin to the large whirling things you see in restaurants or on patios. They blow the air about, but it is intrusive. This bladeless job gives a more subtle flow that can be adjusted to one’s particular needs. If you are sensitive to blasts of wind, this is for you. It is light-weight, easy to install, and nice looking in an interesting techy, stream-lined kind of way. Just my vibe. It looks a bit like a modern sculpture or magical tuning fork. The pamphlet talks about “turbulence” and “oscillation.” I love it! No choppy air, noise, ugly dusty grilles to clean.

The big deal is that traditional fan motors make noise, but if they don’t run fast, you don’t get cool. How do you maximize power without the drawbacks? We are now talking aerodynamic diffusers and annular apertures. We are getting into my die-and-go-to-heaven realm. It is the brave new world of fans! So mundane, but I will take it. Give me the remote control and I’m ready for bladeless vibration.