Campus Sports

Campus life can be very active. Young people are always ready for some action, especially if they live on a campus where the facilities for sports and games are superb. We wanted to go today and play some basketball, and there were plenty of people waiting for their turn. All those people, all those bodies ready to burn some accumulated, academic energy. Imagine sitting all day long, studying, going about your business, and then in the middle of the day it’s time for a sport intermezzo and everybody goes outside to do sports. Though not everybody is doing sports, there are also students playing card games, chess, reading books, and the like. But everybody is outside.

After finishing their sports activities, it’s time for a shower. We are fortunate to have tankless water heaters, otherwise, I can’t even imagine a tank big enough to satisfy the needs of the campus. Anyways, doing sports is awesome. It is one of the best ways to release the pent up energy from sitting and studying. The brain needs to relax. If you have too much of that energy, you might even burn out. That’s what older students told us during orientation week. They also told us that since the programs are demanding, there were people who could not take the pressure and quit. That’s why, the older student said, you need to find a way to relax your brain and give it a break.

The university has equipped the campus with playing grounds for a lot of sports. Since they’ve done this, the productivity of the students has risen significantly. That’s why the campus is packed with sports gear such as balls, nets, tables, hurdles, etc. And every time a ball or a net is torn, they immediately make a new purchase. All we as students have to do is learn and play sports. There are also several teams at the university. Our soccer team seems to give the best results according to the regional championship they were a part of. I am not quite sure what the championship system they played in was, but the logo of the soccer team is all over campus. So besides keeping the students sane, sports also lift the spirit on campus.