The Mother of Invention: Saturday Night

I have a dream to invent something useful for mankind before I get to the age of thirty. This means that it could happen in college. We have the lab time and the materials at hand. We are encouraged to be imaginative which is the key to new discovery. It just depends on what you want to do to help humanity. Of course, college students aren’t going to find a cure for cancer or heart disease. They aren’t going to clone rats. They may not find a treatment for baldness which affects about half the male population. So, I have set my sights a little lower. I will do something for the cosmetics industry which is huge and still growing. There is a lot of money to be made if you innovate an old product or create a new one. I decided to go to the local drugstore and look at the vast array of skin care and makeup products. I can’t try them out, but I will talk to other students and find out what women need the most.

After doing my little survey, I hit on an eyelash growth serum. So many ladies complain about thin and pale lashes. They say that traditional mascara doesn’t even help. They want to grow their lashes naturally and permanently to look better. While lipstick is the number one best-selling beauty product, mascara is next. Attention is always on the eyes. Without dark lashes, most women look naked. They are plain Janes indeed. Cosmetics are amazing. So, I am going to set about finding a lash-growing serum. I set out some ingredients. I can’t use anything medical that would require a prescription. I don’t want to use Vaseline either as it is already patented. It does claim to be an eyelash moisturizer and mine will be more pleasing to apply. This means giving my serum a scent from essential oils.

I need a base for the serum and one Saturday night I hit on lanolin. It is cheap and easy to procure. I will work with it until it is less oily but still has its basic properties. I try different oils so that I can see what is overpowering and what is lighter as a scent. I don’t want the eyelash growing serum to be perfumy and too strong. It has to be just right. I also put in some vegetable dye that is safe for the eye although it has not been tested. I won’t try it on animals, even rats. I just assume it from reading the label. Of course, no one has ever put it in the eyes. I see that the ingredients are safe and there are no chemicals. It is all organic and natural. This is how I want my serum to be. It will be sold in health food stores alongside the vials of vitamin C liquid that you apply to the face. For the growth factor, I am thinking about pulverized vitamin E. It is said to heal the skin, which in a way means the growth of new cells. Let’s give this the old college try.

The Computerization of Sewing Machines

Computerization has been a boon to modern life. While everything looks and feels the same as a half century ago –houses, clothing, even cars—the digital world is so different. The way we spend our time with laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. is a transformation of great proportion. Kids no longer play in the street or the park due to the draw of video games. Women buy their fashions online and men their athletic equipment. Watches, clocks, recording devices, kitchen appliances, TVs, shavers, sewing machines, etc. are all state-of-the-art wonders. Your toaster has an LED display and your refrigerator is programmable. It makes for a good life and everything seems to be easier and more fun. Smart boards in school start kids off early and once hooked, you can never go back to manual anything.

Right now I am looking at the newer next-generation of the best computerized sewing machines. The old words don’t mean the same thing. It is no longer a simple matter of pressing the foot peddle, turning on the little light, and setting the stitch dial. You need to be a high-tech whiz to make a simple garment. But it is so worth it. The computerized models do everything, saving you time and money, especially if you have a large family.

Women, for the most part, have the unenviable task of clothing themselves and the kids on a budget. The investment in a sewing machine is minimal considering the return. Costs are dropping as the technology evolves. Since growing children change sizes within months, learning the ropes of the new units is a good expenditure of time. A novice can become a pro in no time. They wouldn’t sell so many if this weren’t the case! DYI is big. Watch the Home and Garden network and see for yourself. Men are busy mending the roof, upgrading plumbing, and rewiring the house. Ladies, you have your role to play.

Brother and Singer are still top brands and the most popular. They consistently get good reviews for design and functionality. The options computerization enables are legion. Hundreds of stitches and embroidery patterns within easy reach. From $300 on special to over a thousand dollars, take your pick. You will have so much fun that the sewing machine will find a permanent place on a den table. You will love the couture-level workmanship you can produce, the professional buttonholes, and the perfect seams. Easy automatic threading is a boon. You don’t have to have an eagle eye anymore and super stable fingers. Plus, speed control is a breeze and bobbin making no longer a chore.

Which machine is a difficult decision as there are so many fine models from basic to professional grade. Read the features of the highest rated bestsellers. There is a reason why they are recommended. Buy for average usage unless you plan on opening a store. Often, there are bells and whistles you just don’t need. All in all, however, computerized sewing will change your life. Remember, software is included!